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Primary Section And Beginning Of Secondary Section

Primary Section

In class I - V, learning becomes activity based. Periods are set apart for reading. Apart from this every class has a stock of books, which the children read every day. In today’s world where children spend so many hours before the idiot box, we instill a lore of reading in the youngster from childhood.

We also emphasize that getting good marks are the not the only yardsticks of success. Through story telling the qualities of compassion and heroism are imparted.

Secondary Section

No formal examination takes place in these years... short evaluations take place. The children enjoy the stress free atmosphere in school! Now that the children have reached the secondary they have to be trained to write, and recall the matter they have learnt. The transition is smooth; the year is divided into three terms, and examinations are conducted at the end of every term.

In classes I to VI, the process of education becomes more activity-based to encourage discovery and to acquire learning and communication skills like reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Every child is given an opportunity to participate in all these activities in order to develop into accomplished individuals. Emphasis is laid on striving for excellence in all things, appreciation for beauty, respect and reverence for all forms of life and compassion and kindness towards others.

Good grooming habits and the importance of discipline are also reinforced.