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North Point School



Widening Horizons


Importance is given to extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.


Opportunities are provided for various other activities beyond academics to students, not only to refresh their minds and free their spirits but also to develop their personality and leadership traits.Students are trained in drawing, painting, craft, instrumental and vocal music and dance, elocution and drama. Activities like chess, karate, roller skates, etc. are also provided.


This process helps students to understand the responses to different situations better, than in achieving expertise in these fields. The pleasures and rewards of such creative work compliment the academic study. Our school has participated in inter-school competitions for events like cultural dance and folk songs held at Vishnudas Shave Hall, Vashi.


Sports (both outdoors and indoors), yoga, P.T. and meditation develop physical skills and help students remain healthy and active to experience the pleasures of achievement. These bring out the qualities of self control and leadership, team play and sportsmanship.


Efforts are also made to enhance education by excursions and picnics that provide 'students the opportunity to look beyond the immediate and enhance their perceptions. All these activities are a part of the school curriculum.


The only system of education that could possibly surpass the constructive delivery of academic and non-academic curriculum at North Point School is the ancient 'Gurukul' tradition, where the syllabus is planned to suit the child's needs.


Celebrating Happiness


Children are brought up to honour and respect every faith and religion. In fact, every festival is celebrated with equal fervour and gaiety.




With the hectic pace of today's life, it is not unusual to find a child or two in class who has some problem or the other. A trained counselor in the campus provides a helping hand, an eye for any learning disability and counsels both the parents and children to perform.better, both in classroom and outside.